I have been asked many times about my motivation to write the book "Citizen Sheep Government Shepherds".

Here are the most frequently asked questions :

"Why did you choose that title?" - Government officials herd us ( with regulations ), shear us (with taxes), and swear they are doing it because they love sheep (all for our own good). NOT.

"Why did you write it?" -There are many scholarly, heavily footnoted works available about government. Most are too long and too dry to be read by regular folks. My goal was to write a book virtually any literate person could read. More importantly, WOULD read it. Unread or partially read book communicate little or nothing.

A radio talk show host once called my book 'A political primer'. I took it as a compliment. People hear and read terms like political "right" and "left" or "far right" ( rarely far left ), socialism, communism, capitalism, and other terms with only a vague sense of what they mean. We cannot have a national debate on the issues of our time without understanding the terms. We cannot chart a course for our nation without understanding political 'latitude' and 'longitude'. We must be able to chart our position and locate our destination before choosing a course to get us there.

It took me years (in fact, decades) to understand the difference between Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin. Hitler was called a Fascist and Stalin a Communist. Here was my problem :

The proper name for Hitler's Nazi Party as the "National *Socialist German Workers Party". The proper name for Stalin's Soviet Union was the "United Soviet *Socialist Republics". Hitler ordered the murder of 6 million Jews and millions of other Europeans. Stalin ordered the murder of more than 20 million people from his country and others. Hitler and Stalin both ruthlessly silenced any voices of protest. They have so many similarities. Why is one considered a Fascist and the other a Communist?


The Communist is about *Control. The Socialist is about *Ownership.

The Fascist's goal is for government to *control all of a nation's resources, assets, and property, regardless of who owns them.

A Communist's goal is for government to *own all of a nation's resources, assets and property.

A Rabbi once observed that "God makes stones, man makes bricks." The Founders of this American Republic were protective of God's 'stones'. The "Hitlers" and "Stalins" of this world designed to turn people into 'bricks' or crush them in the process.

Whether individual liberty is lost by 'bullets or ballots', it will not be restored easily or quickly.

'Citizen Sheep Government Shepherds' should help you understand and identify threats to your Liberty. It is written in a fashion that will help you communicate the founding principles of the American Republic to others.

Order your copy today.


Mike Sodrel Author